What is Flickr Authentication

This application is designed to generate an Authentication Token which can be used in combination with your Flickr API Key and Flickr API Secret to allow an application access to your flickr account. Once you have your Flickr API Key, Flickr API Secret, and the Authentication Token generated by this application, use all three together to develop your Flickr application. The Ferris Flickr Verification application can be used to verify these three values are working properly. This application was developed mainly as a starting point to learn how access to Flickr works.


Download the binary release and run the self-executing JAR.

    c:\>java -jar ferris-flickr-authentication-x.y.z.jar

When you start Flickr Authentication, you'll see a welcome screen.


Next, enter your Flickr API Key

Flickr API Key

Next, enter your Flickr API Secret

Flickr API Secret

Next, select read/write or read only


Next, copy and paste the URL generated into your web browser. Follow the instructions in the browser to authenticate the application.

Authentication URL

Next, your Flickr API Key, API Secret, and a generated Authentication Token will be displayed. Save these values to use in applications which access your Flickr account.

Authentication URL

If you now want to make sure these three values are working properly, run the Ferris Flickr Verification application.