What is Ferris iBatis

This project contains utilities related to iBatis. Specifically this project has an application named Question Mark Replace. Copy and paste the query and parameter list from the iBatis log files into the application and the application will replace all the question marks with the parameters. Normally this is easy to do manually but when a query is dozens of pages long manual replacement is no longer practical.


To use Question Mark Replace, download the binary release and run the self-executing JAR.

    c:\>java -jar ferris-ibatis-x.y.z.jar

When you start Question Mark Replace, you'll see the main screen. From the iBatis log file, get the query and the parameters (without the opening and closing [] characters around the parameter list) then click the "Replace" button. If the query is very large, use the "Copy To Clipboard" button to copy the results directly to the clipboard.

Question Mark Replace