What is Ferris Journal GUI

Journal GUI is a Java based Desktop GUI application for a journal (or diary) application. This project relies on Web Services provided by Journal JWS and Enterprise Java Beans provided by Journal EJB.

Launch the application via Java Web Start


After clicking on the "Launch" button above, you will be greeted with the login window.


To login, enter your e-mail and password then click the "Login" button.

If this is your first time, enter your e-mail, a password, and then click the "Register" button. You will be greeted with a prompt to confirm your password.


After login, you will see the Add/Edit Entries window. From this window you are able to add, edit, or delete an entry in any of your journals.

Add-Edit Entry 1

After just registering you will notice the dropdown box of journals is empty. This is because you have not created any journals yet. To manage your journals, Select "Journals" from the toolbar then select "Add/Edit". The Add/Edit Journals window will then appear.

Add-Edit Journals 1

Creating, editing, and deleting Journals is very easy. Journals themselves require a name and a flag to mark them as active. Active journals will appear on the Add/Edit Entries window. New journal entries can only be made on active journals. If you no longer use a journal but do not want to delete it and all its entries, make it inactive by unchecking the checkbox. When deleting journals, the journal AND ALL ENTRIES in the journal will be deleted. A dialog box will appear to confirm you want to delete the journal and all its entries. Add journals for whatever you want to write about. Below shows some common journals you might create.

Add-Edit Journals 2

After creating journals, close the window and return to the Add/Edit Entries window. Now you will see journals in the dropdown box. A date, journal, subject, and entry are required when saving an entry. Enter this information and click the "Save" button. You have just saved your first journal!

Add-Edit Entry 2

After saving, the entry will reload and you can continue to write for that entry. Like working with any document, save often!

When you are finished writing for that entry, click the "New" button to start a new entry. If you change you mind and want to delete the entry, click the "Delete" button. If you click the "Delete" button, a dialog window will appear to confirm deletion.

Add-Edit Entry 3

After using your journal for a while you will want to find entries you have previously entered. To do this Select "Search" from the toolbar then select "Search". The search window will appear.

Search Entries 1.png

Narrow your search by keyword, date, or journal. If only the left hand side date has a value, the search will match all records greater than or equal to that date. If only the right hand side date has a value, the search will match all records less than or equal to that date. If both dates have a value, the search will match all records on and between the two dates. If you have inactive journals, they will appear on the journals list greyed out to indicate they are inactive. You may search inactive journals. After you enter your information to narrow your search, click the "Search" button. If matching records are found they will appear in list.

Double click a list row to open that journal entry in the "Add/Edit Entries" window. You may need to use your mouse to move the windows around so you can see both windows at the same time. If you want a report of your search, click the "Export" button. A dialog box will appear to ask you the file to save to.

Search Entries 2.png

That is pretty much it. Enjoy using Ferris Journal!