What is Ferris Memory Manager to Flickr

Small screenshot Memory Manager to Flickr is a Java based application which connects your Memory Manager Memory Vault to your Flickr account. This application will upload the pictures you select to a Flickr photoset you select and also automatically set the picture's title, description, and license.

Running the application

Java Web Start

Launch the application via Java Web Start

Download Binary

Try double-clicking on the ferris-memorymanager-to-flickr-0.0.2.jar file. If it does not automatically start the application, start it manually using the following command:

	java -jar ferris-memorymanager-to-flickr-0.0.2.jar		  


Once started, it will look something like this:

Application started

From the Main Menu, select "Flickr"->"Enter Flickr API Key". A dialog box will appear to enter your Flickr information. Here is where you get the information.

Enter Flickr API Key

Flickr API Key Login to Flickr. In the upper right-hand corner of the webpage it says "Signed in as [ACCOUNT_NAME]". Click on [ACCOUNT_NAME]. Then click the "Extending Flickr" tab. Then at the bottom of the page is the "Your API keys" section. If you do not already have an API key, create one. If you do have a key, click on the key's hyperlink. This will take you to the key's information page. On this page, copy and paste the value of "Key:"
Flickr API Secret Follow the instructions above for "Flickr API Key" but when you get to the key's information page, copy and paste the value of "Secret:"
Authentication Token You need to generate an authentication token. To do this, Visit my Ferris Flickr Authentication application and generate a Read/Write Token. Copy and paste the value of "Token:"

After you enter your Flickr API Key information and click the "OK" button, the application will connect to Flickr, gather your photosets, and display them in the right-side tree.

Flickr Photosets

Next, you will need to select your Memory Manager Memory Vault. From the Main Menu, select "Memory Manager"->"Open Vault". An open file dialog box will appear as shown below.

Open Vault

Navigate your computer's file system to the location of your Memory Vault. Find the file which ends with ".vaultx" and open it.

WARNING! Depending on the size of your vault, opening your vault may take a long time. Be patient. The application will show its progress while it is working. When it is done, your memory vault will be displayed in the left-side tree.

Memory Vault

Once both the Memory Vault and Flickr are open, you are ready to transfer files. Perform the following steps.

  1. Select the photos from the Memory Vault you want to transfer to Flickr.
  2. Select the Photoset in Flickr to put the photos.
  3. Select the license to apply to the photos.
  4. Click the "Transfer" button

Prepare for transfer

While the file(s) are transfering, the application will be disabled so as to not interrupt the transfer process. In the bottom left corner of the window you can see the progress of the transfer. WARNING! Depending on the number of files selected the transfer may take a long time. Be patient.


That's it! Login to Flickr. Find your photos there. The title and description from your Memory Vault will be on the photo and the license will also be set.