What is Ferris Tray

The purpose of this project is to perform research & development on the Java 6 SystemTray class. This project will put a small icon in the operating system's system tray. When you right-click on it, various miscellaneous stuff is available.

At some point, the project might be updated to more of a plugin model making it easy to add more item's to the tray's menu. Right now, however, everything in the tray's menu is hard coded in the application.

Running Ferris Tray

Run the self-executing JAR file which comes with the binary download.

    c:\>java -jar ferris-tray-x.y.z.jar

Running on Windows Startup

To run Ferris Tray automatically on windows startup, go to this registry directory:


Then add a new string value similar to this (of course replace directory paths to match your system):

"C:\java\1_6_0_14\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "C:\Program Files\Ferris\ferris-tray-0.0.1\ferris-tray-0.0.1.jar"